Why Does Your Electrical Panel Have to Be Upgraded?

A Highly-Qualified Electrician Explains the Importance of Panel Upgrades

Every property has an electrical panel. It is the heart of its electrical system. Contemporary gadgets and appliances often overload it, resulting in problems that could easily be avoided by simply upgrading it. Read this blog to get some valuable information about the importance of electrical panel upgrading:

  • What is an electric panel? Your home electrical panel provides electricity for your entire household. It distributes the electricity provided by the main power supplier to the whole house through branch circuits. Usually, electrical panels are situated in big metal boxes installed on a wall where you can have an easy access to. Such places are a laundry room, garage, or a basement.

  • Why does it have to be upgraded? Old and outdated panels often cause various issues, like flickering lights, breakers that frequently blow, melted electric wires, etc. If your home suffers any of these troubles, you have to hire a licensed electrician to perform a careful inspection and do the relevant changes. One of the reasons to consider such a project is because your current electric panel is too small to keep up with your daily electric needs or it is unsafe for your home and family.

  • What are the signs that your device is in urgent need of upgrading? If you hear crackling sounds, you see corrosion and rust marks on the breakers of your panel, you should think about upgrading it. Are you constantly searching for extension cords? Then, call a good specialist right away.

  • What does this process involve? First of all, the experts will comply with the local and federal codes when it comes to changing the parameters of your electrical panel. They will see the size of your home and evaluate the risks for your household. As this is a major project that requires many years of experience and knowledge, it must be performed by a professional electrician. Upgrading your electrical panel could be complete or partial. This process includes circuit breaker repairs or replacement, new grounding system installations, surge protection devices installations, sub panels, etc.

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