Want to Know What the Difference Is Between a Circuit Breaker and a Fuse? Part 2

Helpful Advice from an Electrical Contractor Regarding Your Homes Electrical Systems

A circuit breaker can work in 2 ways, using a solenoid or bi-metal strip. In either case, the design will be the same; when it is switched on, the breaker will permit an electrical current to pass through a bottom to a top terminal, arcing across this strip or solenoid. If the current reaches dangerous levels, the magnetic force becomes too strong, which will throw the mechanism switch, and the current will be broken.

Or, the metal strip will bend, which again throws the switch, thus severing the connection.

To reset the electricity once a problem has been resolved, the switch is simply turned back on, this will reconnect the circuit. Circuit breakers are generally housed within a cabinet, which comprises of several other switches, this is referred to as a breaker box. The switch action also means it is much easier to turn off individual circuits if work has to be done within a certain location.

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